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If you are hurt while performing a work-related activity, you deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other related losses.  

However, the actions you take or fail to take in the aftermath of an accident have the potential to sabotage your chances of obtaining compensation.  It is imperative you act quickly and decisively after this unfortunate incident.  

Here is exactly what you should do after being hurt at work:

Report the Injury

It is imperative you notify your employer’s human resources office as well as your direct superior in the workplace about your injury.  Explain exactly what happened so all the details of the injury can be documented in-depth within a formal report. If anyone witnessed the accident, identify them so they can provide statements to your employer and possibly serve as witnesses at workers’ compensation hearings.  

File an Injury Report 

Do not hesitate to fill out your employer’s injury report form or similar forms.  When in doubt, over-document the injury so there is plenty of evidence to present at workers’ compensation hearings to prove your injury is causally related to your workplace activities.  Even if you walk away from the accident without visible injury, it still makes sense to file a formal injury report with your employer. Filling out such a report just might prompt your employer to implement essential safety protocols that prevent a similar incident down the road.  Furthermore, filing a formal injury report with your employer will help in the event that you endure symptoms hours, days or weeks after the date of the injury.

Obtain Medical Assistance 

Above all, you should obtain immediate medical assistance if you are in considerable pain.  All too often, when someone is hurt at work they “tough it out” or think that the pain will improve with time. Obtaining medical assistance will reduce your discomfort, provide you with expert medical advice and serve to formally document the injury.  The doctor’s write-up of your injury in the form of a formal medical report just might be enough to establish a clear causal relationship between your workplace activities and the injury in question.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim 

The clock is ticking after your work-related injury.  If you do not file a workers’ compensation claim in a timely manner, there is the potential for the statute of limitations to expire, rendering you hurt and uncompensated for this unfortunate workplace injury.  The workers compensation system is inherently complicated so do not hesitate to ask for assistance from our legal team when filing your workers’ compensation claim.

Meet With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Reach out to our legal team as soon as possible so we can review your unique case and determine if you have legal footing for a successful workers’ compensation claim.  If it appears as though any aspect of your workplace activities contributed or directly caused the injury in question, it will be that much easier to successfully navigate the workers’ compensation process.  Sadly, many workers’ compensation claims are unfairly denied or reduced as those injured tend to either drag their feet in reporting the injury or filing a claim. Our legal team is here to ensure you are provided with every penny you need and deserve following your workplace injury.  Let us spearhead your quest for justice and we will do everything in our power to help you obtain the compensation necessary to cover all related costs and compensate you for lost wages as well as other related losses.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

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