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Your children are the most important people in your lives and the thought of not being there for every moment is devastating. At Stanley-Wallace Law we understand that cases involving child custody in Louisiana can be the most overwhelming and upsetting types of cases because your children mean so much to you.

Louisiana custody laws can be very confusing and can change quite often. Our Slidell and Covington attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law have over 15 years of experience handling highly contested child custody issues.

Whether you are seeking to establish a child custody/visitation order for the first time or are modifying a formerly executed order, we will thoroughly review your case, discuss your options, and work towards a solution to your Louisiana child custody issue that is in the best interests of you and your children.

Although most cases can be negotiated into an amicable solution, sometimes even the most reasonable people are met with unreasonable opposition. In those circumstances, the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are prepared to zealously advocate for you and your family at trial.

relocation Of A Child’s Residence

Where your children live, whether they primarily live with you or your ex, is an important consideration in how much time you are able to spend with them. We appreciate that there is nothing more important than the time you are able to spend with your children.

If you are thinking about moving and have custody of your child after divorce or separation, you may be required to comply with the Louisiana Relocation Statutes. This requires you to provide certain information to the other parent of your child should you wish to relocate. Failure to abide by these statutes can have terrible consequences, including the state forcing you to move back or a modification of custody.

On the other hand, you may have received notice that your ex wants to move out of state, or a large distance away, with your child. Perhaps your ex has moved with your children without giving you notice at all and is in violation of the Louisiana Relocation Statutes.

Stanley-Wallace Law has helped numerous clients relocate with their children, despite objections by the other parent and have helped obtain favorable results for clients whose ex’s have moved, sometimes even with notice.

Our experience in this area of law is unequalled. Let us help you if you are considering moving. Call us today to schedule your consultation with our licensed staff.

intra-family Adoption

You have love for a child that is not your biological child. The child may be a step-child, a niece or nephew, or a grandchild. For some reason or another, this child has become your child – just not in a legal sense. We believe that those who choose to care for a child that is not their own give that child one of the greatest gifts – love and time.

Whether it is a step-father adopting his step-child, or grandparents adopting their grandchildren, Stanley-Wallace Law has helped numerous clients to adopt children already in their family. There are certain rules and regulations which are applicable only to these adoption proceedings and the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are well-informed regarding these rules. We take great pride in helping these families obtain legal recognition so call us today to get started on your case.

louisiana Grandparents (relatives) Rights

If you are seeking custody or visitation rights of your grandchildren or other relatives, it can be a hard road to travel. Unless you are a parent of a child, your rights regarding that child are limited in Louisiana. However, there are Louisiana statutes specific to grandparent and relative rights.

Whether you are seeking custody of the child or children or visitation rights, the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are experienced and ready to help. We can help you protect your grandchildren or relative from harmful situations by zealously advocating for custody or visitation rights.

child In Need Of Care Actions

When the State of Louisiana, through the Department of Children and Family Services, becomes involved in your ability to parent your children, there is nothing more earth-shattering. As a parent, you are entitled to counsel through the public defender’s office when the State removes your children from your care or files a Petition alleging that your children are children in need of care. These attorneys are great at what they do.

But, for whatever reason, you may want to seek a second opinion or hire another attorney. If the case has closed, someone else has custody of your children and you want to change that, you may no longer be entitled to counsel.

On the other hand, if you are a caretaker of a child in the child in need of care system, you are not entitled to an attorney. The attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law have handled hundreds of child in need of care cases, including modifications, and have also represented other family members. We can help you, too. Don’t delay when it comes to getting your child back; schedule your consultation with us today.

Client testimonials

Best decision of my life. I went through a difficult divorce/custody situation and was tempted to back down, but Kristen gave me hope and encouragement and we were successful in getting the result that was in the best interest of myself and my children. She was so competent and thorough. I couldn’t ask for better.

Angi December 28, 2017

Excellent Choice! Kristen Stanley-Wallace is an excellent choice for an attorney. She’s easy to get along with; she cares about her clients and how their case affects them; she’s easy to communicate with and responds usually the same day; she’s professional, direct and to the point. And the best part is that she knows the law and she knows how to fight!

Penny December 26, 2017
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