Flat Fee Billing

Unless you have been a litigant, you will not be able to understand how distressing legal complications are. The emotional, mental and financial pressure associated with litigation are overwhelming. You may have someone to comfort you and help with the emotional and mental stress; however, financial stress cannot be overcome with words.

The Flat Fee Billing Structure

Where most legal agencies believe in hourly billing structures, Stanley-Wallace Law has designed a better invoicing structure, where the litigant only has to pay a flat fee to the attorneys, along with some minor, unavoidable costs, such as filing fees and court costs. This billing structure is termed as flat fee bills.

We understand the challenges that litigants face in every lawsuit, which encouraged us to cater to their needs more efficiently. Our billing structure diminishes the uncertainty of costs in regards to litigation. The client is aware of the costs prior to initiating the process; ensuring utmost mental satisfaction and financial security.

Why Do You Need A Flat Fee Billing Structure?

Some of the many benefits of our flat fee service are mentioned below:

  • The litigants can structure their financial resources according to the fees.
  • The litigants don’t have to worry about additional costs, which is a typical situation in an hourly billing structure because the client is billed for every hour the attorney and the paralegals spend with him/her.
  • The client does not have to worry about unethical expenses, such as additional meetings by the attorney to bill him/her for more hours than necessary.

A Structure Designed Only For You

Stanley-Wallace Law aims at serving all the clients to utmost satisfaction; averting inessential financial burden.

Our attorneys will help you every step of the way; from filing and advising to ensuring satisfactory results. Get in touch with us now!

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