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When your family is in crisis, whether it is because of a divorce, custody issue or contempt issue, your world is upside down. We understand this and not only have the legal expertise to manage the issue, but will help you get through this tough time.

Our native Louisiana attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law have experience handling all kinds of cases in Louisiana Family Law. Family law on the Northshore encompasses a lot more than just initial divorces or custody. We’ve put together some easy to understand information on all the cases we handle so you can better understand what we do and decide if we can help you and your family.

louisiana Divorce Laws

No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end in a divorce. Whether you are blindsided by the possible ending of your marriage or you have been expecting it for some time, filing for divorce in Louisiana is never an easy process. Through helping countless clients through this process, we understand that this is, most likely, one of the worst things you will have to go through. Our job is not to only help you obtain the paperwork necessary for your divorce, but to make the process as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Whether you are seeking a simple, uncontested divorce or you have a complicated and highly contested at-fault divorce, the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are here to help.

There are numerous Louisiana divorce law statutes which allow parties in Louisiana to divorce. Deciding which one to choose can be tricky. Let us help you maneuver through the legal system. Even the “simple, uncontested divorce” can become a minefield if done incorrectly and without the well-informed and dependable services that the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law can provide. If you need help filing for divorce in Louisiana, the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are at your service and available for your consult.

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  • Spousal Support
  • Community Property Partition
  • Pre-nuptial/Post-nuptial agreements


You had, what you thought to be, a workable custody, visitation and/or support judgment. However, it isn’t working because your ex refuses to abide by it.

If a party willfully and intentionally violates a court order, then they may be held in contempt for their actions (or for their failure to act). If the court finds that party is in contempt, there are numerous punishments that the court can impose. This can include ordering the other party to pay your reasonable legal fees and expenses.

If your ex refuses to follow a legal judgment, then call us today for your consult to see how we can help.

community Property Partition

You have worked your whole life to make a nice life for you and your family, or, you have sacrificed a career to ensure that your spouse and your children were well-taken care of.

What happens to the assets and debts of your marriage is important to you. It is important to us too.

Louisiana is a community property state. That means, while you are married, everything you earn and purchase as well as all debts you incur, are community property – with some exceptions.

But, who will get the house?
Who will get the savings account?
How will the credit card debt be taken care of?

After a divorce, it is important to make sure that the assets and debts of the marriage are split up and allocated evenly, and hopefully amicably. We will help you split up these assets and debts.

While we always strive to amicably resolve matters, we are well prepared to move forward with court ordered partition actions if your ex won’t budge. As a litigation firm, we are well-prepared to move forward with a partition trial, should it be necessary.

pre-nuptial Agreements/post-nuptial Agreements

You have worked hard and, while you trust your spouse or soon-to-be spouse, you both agree that some assets need to be protected before or after you get married. There are many reasons for wanting to execute either a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement and we understand them all here at Stanley-Wallace Law.

Since Louisiana is a community property state, once you are married, what you make is half your spouse’s. And what they earn is half of yours too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many people are not interested in subjecting themselves to that state-mandated divisional system.

It is possible to execute pre-nuptial (before marriage) agreements and also to execute post-nuptial (after marriage) agreements related to your and your spouse’s assets and debts. We have drafted and defended many such agreements.

Don’t depend on forms or online legal services – they often don’t abide by Louisiana law and cannot defend you in a court of law. Let us help you before or after your marriage by coming in for a consultation.

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Excellent Choice! Kristen Stanley-Wallace is an excellent choice for an attorney. She’s easy to get along with; she cares about her clients and how their case affects them; she’s easy to communicate with and responds usually the same day; she’s professional, direct and to the point. And the best part is that she knows the law and she knows how to fight!

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