Wills And Personal Documents

wills And Personal Documents

You may think that if you pass away without a Will, your assets will automatically go to your husband/wife or another loved one. You could be wrong. Let the attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law help you traverse this minefield that is Louisiana law.

SWL can not only draft your Will, but we offer a personal documents package which includes your Will, a General Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney and a Living Will. The process perfected by SWL is simple and cost-effective. Once you ask us to draft your Will and personal documents, we will send you a simple, easy-to-understand questionnaire. All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire, return it to our office, and our attorneys will immediately begin drafting your Will and personal documents. You attend one appointment to review, change, and execute your documents. That’s it. We are always available by telephone, email, or appointment to discuss any questions or concerns you have, but, the process we designed could not be more user-friendly.

Making these decisions prior to your passing gives you peace of mind and is a gift of love to those closest to you. Don’t let another day go by without protecting your loved ones.


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