Louisiana Child Support

louisiana Child Support

Whether you are entitled to child support or have been ordered to pay child support, we know money is tight and every penny counts.

In Louisiana, child support issues can be handled either through the family courts or through non-support court. Child support can be established and modified. The attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are well versed in handling each of these types of cases.

Child support in Louisiana is a calculation based on numerous pieces of information, including, among other issues, the parties’ gross income. The attorneys at Stanley-Wallace Law are able to thoroughly review your case with you during our consult and provide you with an estimate of your child support amount based on the information provided.

There are numerous complicating factors in calculating child support that deems an experienced child support attorney necessary. Without an experienced child support attorney, you may be paying too much for child support (if you are not the domiciliary parent) or you may be getting too little in child support (if you are the domiciliary parent).

spousal Support

Supporting yourself alone is very difficult after a divorce. Sometimes you go from taking two-incomes to support one household to two-incomes supporting two households. The transition is difficult to say the least. At Stanley-Wallace Law, we realize this and seek to make the transition as easy as possible.

We have both sought and obtained spousal support for clients and successfully defended against spousal support awards. There are specific rules regarding spousal support that, unlike child support, take into account a parties’ income AND expenses. We know the considerations the court and hearing officers take when calculating and deciding whether or not to order spousal support. Taking a contested spousal support issue into your own hands cannot only cost you thousands of dollars, it can cost you your time and sanity. Don’t lose any more time; contact Stanley-Wallace Law for your consultation so we can start working towards a spousal support award for you.

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