When to Hire an Attorney for your Workers' Compensation Case - Stanley-Wallace Law - slidell louisiana

When workers are injured on the job and need to file a workers’ compensation claim, there is a system in place to ensure they receive appropriate care and essential benefits. If everything runs smoothly, injured workers can access solid advice from experienced professionals through their employer or third-party claims administrators. In a perfect scenario, everyone involved in the process is dedicated to helping the injured worker get all the benefits they are entitled to by law. As many would expect, most workers’ comp claims do not end up being a perfect scenario.


The workers’ compensation process if often riddled with conflicts of interest, disputes about the worker’s medical diagnosis and prescribed treatment plans, etc. These issues can be quite difficult for a worker to navigate without the assistance of an experienced attorney.


What a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Does for Injured Workers:


  • Make sure all claims paperwork is completed accurately and within the set deadlines.


  • Verify injured workers are not pushed into accepting an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis by monitoring the medical evaluation process.


  • Raise concerns regarding how coverage is provided when necessary and then assist in resolving the concerns.


  • Track vital documents necessary if the claims process results in dispute or litigation.


  • Provide workers with advice on when it is necessary to dispute a decision made by the insurer and how to effectively manage a dispute.


If you have been injured in the workplace and you aren’t sure if you need to hire an attorney, reach out for a free consultation. After considering the details of your case, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can determine if you require representation. Factors that can complicate your claim and increase the chances that you should seek legal assistance include severe injuries, wrongfully denied claims, and medical disputes.