The Worst Thing You Can Do in Any Legal Case


Everyday legal battles rage around the United States.  Whether the case surrounds constitutional rights, an injured worker, divorcing spouses, custody issues, or any other situation involving the law, the worst thing a party can do remains the same.  The result of doing this one thing can have terrible and disastrous consequences.  What is that one thing?  Doing Nothing! Ignoring a legal case can guarantee disaster.


Example: Injured Worker

Let’s take the example of an injured worker.  Someone gets hurt at work and, rather than go to the doctor, they think – “I’m just going to take some ibuprofen and rest and it will go away.”  Although this may not have dire consequences immediately, if that person continues to ignore the pain, returns to work, and fails to report it, their benefits may be affected.  If they wait too long, the insurance company may deny the claim altogether – leading to more litigation and heartache.

Example: Custody Battle

Now, imagine that you are in a custody battle with your ex.  If you ignore the issues between the two of you regarding your child, it will end in litigation.  If you ignore the litigation, your rights to your child will be negatively affected.  If you have received notice of the litigation and do not participate, they can move forward without you.  Changing this judgment in the future will take more time, money, and stress than had you dealt with the custody issue at the very beginning.

Example: Someone Sued You

Finally, pretend someone filed a lawsuit against you, for whatever reason.  While they may not prevail because they don’t really have legal case, if you ignore it, they will prevail.  Thinking “there is no way they have a legal case, so I am going to ignore this” will inevitably lead to a judgment against you.  This may be taken even further, and a lien may be put on your house, your wages may be garnished, or you may be forced to sell items that are important to you.


In any legal matter, ignoring the case can have dire consequences.  Just Don’t Do It! Many, many attorneys offer free consultations.  There is no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of the attorney’s expertise – for free.  While we would love to help you with your legal issue, if you don’t contact us – contact someone.  It is that important!  Stanley-Wallace Law offers free consultations on all legal issues. Let us help you!