What is a Client Concierge?


Stanley-Wallace Law has a New Addition



Stanley-Wallace Law has recently hired Lyndsey Stimson to be our client concierge. This will change the way you experience our law practice, as a client, but you may not be familiar with what a client concierge is or does.

When you call our office…


When you call our office, we want someone dedicated to you and your needs, right from the start. She will take all your information over the phone, get a free consultation scheduled, and listen to your story. She won’t rush you or make you feel like a number – your time with our client concierge is YOUR time.

When you come to our office…


When you arrive at our office for your initial consultation, our client concierge will be there to greet you by name and get you a comfy seat. After perusing our drink menu, she’ll get you the drink of your choice as you sit down for your intake interview. Her purpose is to get the information we need from you about your case in the most efficient and sensitive way possible, so you feel comfortable during your visit with us.

After you become a client…


After your initial consultation, Lyndsey is there to address any concerns you may have. She’s a really great listener and can help you find the solutions you need quickly and kindly. She’ll even check in with you from time to time, just to make sure you’re hanging in there and your case is going the way you want it to.

At Stanley-Wallace Law, it’s important to us that you know how important YOU are to us. By hiring a client concierge, we hope to challenge the notion that law offices are cold and sterile. We always strive to handle your case with the utmost care and compassion. We’ll fight for you, and we will put you first. Our client concierge is just one more way of showing you that you are our number one priority.