We are thrilled to announce that for the 8th year in a row, Stanley-Wallace Law has been awarded Best in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys™.

The American Institute’s Family Law Division recognizes attorneys who have excelled in their respective field(s).  Attorneys who are recognized by the American Institute’s Family Law Division are considered to be the best in the industry for client satisfaction. It is their mission to showcase law firms to assist prospective new clients ability to take this knowledge and use it in making the tough decision on what attorney or firm to hire. It is the intent of the American Institute’s Family Law Division to aid these prospective new clients by saving them time and effort in their research. They strive to make the most accurate and comprehensive list possible and rely on many different sources to determine the level of client satisfaction that a specific attorney or firm provides. Most importantly the nominations of the client and/or peers in the field. They encourage both present and past clients to make recommendations and encourage other counsel to make nominations. These nominations aid them in the selection process giving the most accurate indication of client satisfaction and usually serves as the catalyst of the nomination and selection process.

The AIFLD also asks that each Attorney/Firm member strive to continually improve in their craft, strive to achieve excellence in their practice and day-to-day interaction with their clients to ensure the highest degree of Client Satisfaction, work to resolve any issues that may arise with clients and seek an amicable solution, and to maintain good standing in their State Bar. (www.aiofla.org)