My name is Tubs and my mom, Amber Sheppard, says I’m a Labrador and a Bassett Hound mix. I have a lab head and what people refer to as “little tubby legs”. I also love to eat—can you tell how I got my name yet? Apparently, I’m an odd looking dog but my mom says I’m cute and people stop me on the street to pet me.


Don’t Be Alarmed, I’m Here to Help

You may see me around the Stanley-Wallace Law office. Don’t be alarmed- I’m just taking care of the office staff and my human. While I didn’t go to law school like my Mom or Miss Kristen, I do have some credentials. I’m a registered service dog and I excel at getting belly rubs, guarding the office against cats, and comforting my Mom and Miss Kristen’s clients when they come in.


Not Everyone is a Dog Person, It’s Okay, Just Let Us Know

If you have allergies or don’t like dogs, that’s ok! Just make sure to tell Miss Trudy or Miss Rebecca. Personally, I don’t like cats and am “allergic” to baths so I understand you can’t help it. I would love to help make your experience at Stanley-Wallace Law less stressful. I work pro-bono (pro-bone-o that is—for bones!).