Let’s face it. We’re often not at our best when we visit an attorney. Whether it’s a divorce, custody battle, or personal injury, we don’t call an attorney when we’re having a great day. The client concierge at Stanley-Wallace Law exists to make your experience easier, no matter why you are calling for a lawyer. So, how do you get the most out of your client concierge, and as a result, out of your Stanley-Wallace Law experience? Follow some of our tips below.


Tell Her Everything You Know


When you call to make your appointment, your client concierge will ask you a few questions to fill out our client intake form. This form will be given to the attorney prior to your consultation, so it’s important that it be as complete as possible. The more information your attorney has before your consultation, the more you can accomplish when you’re together. It may seem invasive to have to answer so many questions, but the more you divulge, the better your experience will be.


Call With Questions and Concerns


Your client concierge is not an attorney, and cannot give you legal advise, but can be a shoulder to cry on when you are having a bad day or when something about your case is bothering you. Your client concierge is also the best person to get you to the information you need on your case, whether you ultimately need to talk to your attorney or not.


Let Her Help


Your client concierge has one priority, and that’s you. You may receive a phone call from time to time from your client concierge, just checking in to see how you’re doing, or perhaps with a question from your attorney. If you need something, she’s there for you. All you have to do is ask.

If you have questions about your client concierge and what she can do for you, call us at 985-288-4521.